What is LELAHEL ?

Lelahel An angel of the zodiac exercising dominion over love, art, science and fortune.
We appeal to this being of light for good luck and good fortune.

The Website

The Lelahel Metal is a website dedicated to promote the metal and its relevance in the world.

First , This site is intended to be a document of the current state of the Arabian underground from the unsigned to the major players in the international scene. Any and all worthwhile Arabian bands will be supported as much as possible by providing a platform for their news and information, gig dates and an honest, fair critique of their recorded output or live shows.

The second part of this website is a promotion section that includes the latest release of labels and unsigned bands!!some bands have already collaborated with us to complement their promotional campaigns and they're all very satisfied so far.

The staff


Name : Redouane Aouameur
Nick name : Lelahel
Birth date : 1976
Fonction : Webmaster, designs, founder, mail order,interviews and reviews.
Playing Bands : LITHAM , CARNAVAGE
Favourite Bands : Underground bands
Email :
Name : Ismail Djouhri
Nick name : N0cturnus
Birth date : 1977
Fonction : Translations,interviews and reviews
Playing Band :ex LITHAM
Favourite Band :DEATH
Email :
Name : Zyad Hakmi
Nick name : Apokalypse
Birth date : 1983
Fonction :Interviews and reviews
Favourite Bands : Emperor, Testament, Nile, Immolation, Anathema, Abigor,Neurosis, Summoning, Nasum, ...
Email :
Name : Radia Otman
Nick name : Raders
Birth date : 1983
Fonction : Translations
Favourite Band :Iron Maiden
Email :


Name : Abdou
Nick Name : El Djifaa
Birth date : 1982
Fonction : Reviews and Pix
Playing Band : Enchalah lol
Favourite Bands : Brujeria, Six Feet Under, Dying Foetus, Deranged, Vader, R.A.T.M, Darkthrone, mayhem, nargaroth
Email :

Thanks to our previous members :+Ben+ (Redha.M), Fallen Angel(Sana.A) and Deathcurse(Mohamed.Z) for their participation and hard work in this website.


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